Posted on Jun 19, 2019

Mamma Z Tortilla And Tamale Factory / Tortillas Y Tamales Mamma Z / Tortilleria Mamma Z

Some claim to make their own tortillas but making tortillas the healthy way with quality corn seeds and with the nixtamal process that we have is what set us apart from all the tortilla makers in hundred of miles away
We don’t mislead you we don’t use flour to make them or artificial colors or scents to make it look like real
We are proud to be the real and authentic way of tortilla making done locally by a small women business entrepreneurs
We don’t have to make it look like real tortillas
We make the authentic tortillas from scratch
Our products can be trusted as authentic other may find a way to claim that but unfortunately they are not
Being real and healthy and authentic is our pride !! Come and taste the difference , take a tour of our modest facilities , no one has what we have to bring you the quality of our corn base products tamales chips tortilla !!
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